Which PVC foam to choose

Higher densities of PVC foam have increased toughness at a respective weight penalty. The higher density foam makes a stronger but heavier product. Low density foam materials contribute little to weight of the sandwich construction, but usually have more open cells which results in more resin absorption. The lower the density, the larger the cells are, and the worst the resin absorption problem.

On the other hand, most of the times, the actual life expectancy of products proves to be different than in calculations made during the design. This can happen for many reasons, and also because the actual torture that the product is imposed to, varies from user to user. Other conditions, like weather in a certain region may also vary greatly affecting the life of the product. For example, an experienced athlete in wind force of 7bf may treat and load a sport product in a different way or manner than a beginner. This makes the choice of density of PVC foam somewhat chaotic.

In order to improve product quality with minimal weight penalty many manufacturers choose to use 2, 3 or more layers or areas of different densities of foam or core types. Higher densities are usually used close to the surface or skin of the product and also to certain points of mechanical load (e.g. close to metal fasteners.) This greatly improves impact, fatigue and delamination resistance with a much smaller weight penalty.

Fibermax Composites PVC foam comes at different thickness, weight and panel size dimensions. Some of our readily available PVC foam products are listed below.

Type Thickness Weight
1 2mm 90kg/m3
2 3mm 55kg/m3
3 3mm 75kg/m3
4 3mm 90kg/m3
5 5mm 90kg/m3
6 10mm 55kg/m3
7 10mm 75kg/m3
8 12mm 55kg/m3
9 12mm 75kg/m3
10 13mm 75kg/m3
11 15mm 75kg/m3
12 15mm 90kg/m3
15mm 200kg/m3
14 20mm 75kg/m3
15 20mm 90kg/m3
16 20mm 200kg/m3
17 25mm 75kg/m3
18 30mm 75kg/m3

For any other type of PVC foam products and special orders(different thickness, weight) please contact. However, those special products may be subjected to minimum order level.